Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Ultimate Hex Remover- "Magnum" M-8 Orasyon

Our friend sent a offline message in my YM for a help, his girlfriend working in community service in some part of Africa has been hexed by unknown voodoo practitioner there. It almost more than 2 weeks his girlfriend has confined at hospital however the doctor has no findings about her illnesses. Her strength getting drain in weak state. However, I suggest use the "Magnum" M-8 orasyon:


So In order to understand this "Magnum" M-8 let us dissect its few meaning:

MATAM- this word represents God the Father
MITAM- The Son - Jesus Christ
MICAM- The Holy Spirit
MACMAMITAM MAEMPOMAEM- " Im the One God in the Father, And the Son being as wise, powerful and through strength I called as God of the Holy Trinity."
MALAMUROC MILAM- the very secret of the Name of Infinite God.
MOMOMOM- That's all.

I advised him to give this orasyon to his girlfriend that she could do it to herself like a ready kit and dispensable anytime.

So she could write it on the new piece of bond paper by red point ballpen or pencil then stick it to her chest at the center every 7pm and remove it at 7am and burn it outside repeat this session everyday until the hex of witchcraft begone.

The policy of this "Magnum" M-8 Orasyon is Ultimatum to "Destroy Witchcraft, Destroy the One Responsible Behind of It"

The efficacy of this orasyon was superb as far the best of Philippine Esoteric.


  1. very interesting fluent in english,ano po ang ibig sabihin ng +

  2. ano po ang ibig sabhin ng + n nkalagay s una at huli ng orasyon