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This unusual Palindrome is known as the Sator Rotas square, a Palindrome are words or groups of words that can be read backwards and forwards and in this case up and down! Because this is a four times Palindrome it is said to have great power and has appeared many times throughout the ages as a mystical or magical symbol. The true origin and meaning has been lost over the countless centuries, but that hasn't stopped scholars and historians speculating as to its true purpose. It has been suggested that it is Latin and that it originated during the early Roman Empire, it has been found scratched on a wall in the Roman town of Herculaneum which was buried under ash and mud when the volcano Vesuvius erupted. It has also been found on plaster in a Roman villa at Cirencester in the U.K, it has also been found inscribed on drinking vessels at other sites.

Photo by Synwell liberation front courtesy of flickr.

It has been suggested that the magic word square has been used as a talisman for protection over the years. In the 18th century it was known to have been used for the protection of dairy cattle, and also to guard against fever, pestilence, sorcery and colic and it is said to have the power to dowse flames. Although the square was originally thought to be Christian there is now evidence that it dates back to the God Mithras.

Numerous attempts have been made to interpret the meanings behind the words, Sator is thought to mean the "Planter", Arepo is thought to mean "Delays", Tenet "His Works" and Rotas the "Wheels". This would interpret as "The Sower creeps, holding the work of the wheel", "Arepo the sower leads with his hand (work) the wheels (plow)" "The sower Arepo holds the works of the wheels".

The Sator Rotas square is open to many interpretations, it can also be arranged into the Pater Noster Cross, with two sets of the Alpha and Omega left over. Pater Noster is the latin for Our Father, this was used during early Christianity as a secret reference to Christ, the Lords Prayer. However there is evidence that the Sator Rotas Palindrome and the hidden anagram was used much earlier as a reference to Mithras an ancient Persian God who was also referred to as Our Father. The Alpha and Omega referred both to Christ who claimed at the resurrection to encompass all things as well as the much earlier Mithras, defender of light and truth, who was known as the God of time, the begining and the end.

Although the Sator Rotas square is thought to be the most powerful of the magical charms, there is another Palindrome which is said to contain magical power and appears in the photograph below.

Palindrome with magical power? Photo by Gary Tacagni.

It is said that if you write this Palindrome on a piece of paper and then place it upon your head the spirits will reveal to you the truth of all things past, present and future.

I have been given information as to what each letter stands for in the Sator Rotas square but not its meaning. This is as follows:





















Words can have great power, however the way the way they are used, their pronounciation and the purpose they are being used for can affect the outcome and the result. The following words of power have specific uses, however their effectiveness is unknown, they are as follows:

EXORCISM. The following words are very powerful if used in an exorcism......Jesus Maria Y Joseph et eta crat in manu de Jesus vade satanas ayaw tintala ang guino-o nga imong dues ego alivalioua sab radim egusom uphmadac abonatac lomogapac secut dues......................A less powerful form is as follows....Jesus salvom pericorum coroderum.

TO STOP A FIGHT. It is possible to stop a fight or an argument by saying the following words of power............Jesuchristo a la banus el surendido..........This is said to cause them to give up.

TO STOP A BLEEDING WOUND. You can stop a wound from bleeding by touching the affected part and then saying..........crusis venie legna tuam amen.

DISLOCATION. As with the above you should touch the affected part saying........At me huey risioc.

HEADACHE. A headache may be treated by touching the head and then saying.......Marabili macarium pater novis christe domine.

STOMACH ACHE. Stomach ache can be treated by touching the stomach and saying......Jesus Jesus Jesus egusom biet viera kumbos toal mietes.

FASTING - OVERCOMING HUNGER. To overcome the effects of hunger you need to utter the following words.........Santo matam egusom salvame dius.

TOOTHACHE. To alleviate the pain of toothache say the following words.........Telose pectom celeram baro domini vika alleluia.

INTERNAL BLEEDING. If someone is suffering from internal bleeding, touch where you think the wound is and say..............Aseros targos emen amen.

CANCER. To cure cancer touch the affected part and say.........Cruz perduam alavamus cordem.

TO HEAL PERSONAL SICKNESS. You need to say the following............Factum benidectum vergum carum avet avet novis pectomas.

TO COUNTER A WITCHES ATTACK. To counter a witches attack you need to say the following.......... Sulom dium eyom et pater egusom talitha tue jesuchristo salvame.

COUNTER AN ATTACK BY FALLEN ANGELS. You will need to say the following.............Pro picicire spirito malus que inomie patre it filio et spirito santo amen.

POSSESSION BY A SPIRIT. If a person is possessed by a spirit you can blow on their head three times and say the following words..............Jesus sobe ac empace muho deum amen.

As I have said before this information has been given to me, I do not know its effectiveness so I would recommend a person seek medical assistance first if anything is wrong with them, as with spiritual matters it would probably be advisable to seek the assistance of a priest. I would view these words of power as a last resort but I sincerely hope that they may be of some benefit to anyone who reads them.


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